Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House:

“Officer Michael Fanone is an American hero who courageously answered his nation’s call on January 6th to protect the Capitol, the Congress and the Constitution against a terrorist insurrection.  In his new memoir, Hold the Line, Officer Fanone shares his powerful story of that terrible day at the Capitol, when he faced unimaginable horror and brutality that left him with indelible trauma and physical scars.  This timely book offers a stark message for this uncertain moment, making crystal clear the urgency and importance of defending our precious democracy.”

Sean Penn, Academy Award-winning actor:


"I wish Hold The Line would be required reading for every American. Mike Fanone is a rare voice and witness to the ongoing crippling of our Constitution. His courage in battle on January 6th is matched only by his relentless commitment to tell this story from the inside. Mike's seemingly tough-hewn melody of character and words catch us by surprise in their straight-shooting clarity and knowledge. If bravery could be taught, Mike would be one helluva a professor." 

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Alexander Vindman,  bestselling author of Here, Right Matters:

“I admire Officer Fanone and consider him a brother in arms, especially in defense of democracy. His experience resonates with me deeply—a plainspoken and direct public servant who didn’t flinch when challenged with his life on the line. You don’t have to guess where we stand: for our country.” 

The Washington Post Editorial Board:

“Michael Fanone deserves the nation's gratitude. Sadly, that's not what he's always gotten.” 


Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters