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John Shiffman is a Reuters reporter and has co-authored two New York Times best-sellers.

With colleagues, he is a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, and has won The Thurgood Marshall Award, The Hillman Prize, the Gerald Loeb Award and the Shadid Award for Ethics. Previously, he was a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Tennessean and The News-Press. 

Hold The Line, co-authored with Michael Fanone, was an instant NYT best-seller. He has published two other books: Operation Shakespeare, about an undercover U.S. sting against an Iranian arms dealer; and Priceless, the memoir of Robert K. Wittman, the founder of the FBI's Art Crime Team. Priceless was a NYT best-seller and published in eleven languages.

Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

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