From the best-selling co-author of Priceless

On today's battlefields, the most lethal weapons are dime-sized.






"Terrific... reads like a spy novel, but this meticulously reported book has the added virtue of being completely true... one of the great undercover stings in recent U.S. history."
-Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

"Takes you into the world of smugglers, snitches and secret agents. Operation Shakespeare is a real-life cloak-and-dagger adventure, with American lives hanging in the balance."
- Matt Apuzzo, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Enemies Within

"Facinating tale... takes us inside the shadowy world of international arms dealing, exposing a high-stakes battle against smuggling that takes place far from the front pages, even as it threatens our soldiers and national security on a daily basis."
- Garrett Graff, author of The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War

Praise for Priceless

"Genius... Riveting... Should be a TV series."
The Los Angeles Times


"A rollicking memoir... investigative details dazzle... PRICELESS can read at times, not unpleasantly, as if an art history textbook got mixed up at the printer with a screenplay for THE WIRE ."
The New York Times

"Almost every case he recounts has enough intrigue and suspense for a Hollywood screenplay. "
The Washington Post

"Authoritative and superbly crafted, PRICELESS is absolutely, hands down, the best book ever written on art crime."
— Associated Press